High Performance needs Power through Inner Stability.
Off to new shores.

»If Teams & Leader unfold their business spirit in a targeted way, experience it in the system and manifest it through consistent action, then material success is an inevitable result.«

– Sevgi Ates –

No matter how innovative and modern the management of a company is, when it comes to creating something new, or taking the next step, even people with high potential initially react reluctantly.

The strategy for company development may be logical, rational and well communicated. Despite this, those involved rather than finding new approaches, come up with reasons why it cannot work. Therefore, any original enthusiasm deteriorates in the process.

The fundamentally high-performance body of employees turns into a mixed-up team that cannot find a way forward.

This is the moment where Sevgi Ates comes into play. She doesn’t only motivate; she fuels the personal drive of everyone involved. She has helped companies with stagnating profits to radically improve their returns and increase their earnings by up to 80%. Sevgi Ates does all this systematically with the ATES Spirit® method that she has developed herself and with the energetic support of her team.


Together with ATES Spirit®, Sevgi Ates has developed a patented method for displaying and analysing performance energy flows. By showing the interdependencies between people, systems and actions, the potential which would otherwise remain unknown can be discovered. Coordinating these potentials strategically behind your goal, would lead to a release of power into the system that not only provides better results in business and high-performance sport, it also generates sustainably satisfying activity.

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Qualification of 40,000 business personnel in various branches of industry and many years of cooperation with over 90% of our customers. And there is even more.


Greater profit, greater return and greater productivity. Our customers’ result levels have increased by up to 80%


Sevgi Ates founded her consultancy when she was only 25 years old – and she is one of the outright experts in her field today.

»Building a strong, trustworthy team, establishing a reliable process structure and then assuring that the two are aligned are key to the success of any business.«

– Sevgi Ates –


Coaching managers – using change as opportunity

Increasing performance, opening up new prospects and keeping the direction clear, even in times of change are some examples of the challenges that managers face. A special coaching programme for managers is available to meet these demands and produce a management with authority and certainty. Sevgi Ates, as a specialist in consultancy for top management and a mental trainer is at hand for you. Based on her patented ATES Spirit® method, she supports top performers in the managers’ coaching programme to fully exploit their potential and face new challenges successfully.

Management coaching – for reliable decisions, vigorous activity and active leadership

A management coaching programme with Sevgi Ates challenges you to be open to opportunities that increase your development. If you want to boost not just the success of your company, but also achieve your own, personal objectives, the ATES Spirit® method grant the essential perspective to lead with foresight in any situation. With a Top Management Consultation you reach your goals and find self-assurance with each change.

Management coaching in times of change

For a lot of managers, their personal development and their company’s development are closely related. Furthermore, it is at times when the company is changing that they do not simply have to adjust; they also have to engage in decisions with focused energy, creativity and provide direction. Management coaching makes feasible the development of the managers’ own strengths and the forging ahead with their actions.

Sevgi Ates has been supporting people to be successful in their profession since she was 25 years old. She analyses the situation directly – and with the necessary rigour – on top of this she asks those questions that really matter and that bring you at an advantage with their replies. Build on a tried-and-tested system that is the well-known ATES Spirit® method, she provides you with the crucial tools to adapt your career path both for your personal success and the success of your company. The management coaching programme is not just about discovering new potential, it is also about using existing performance energy as efficiently as possible. Through clear analytical observation, in the management coaching programme it quickly becomes clear where performance energy can be improved or where it can be focused.

A management coaching programme can provide situational or long-term support not only in times of change, but also in our day- to-day work. There is always room for personal and professional development – and Sevgi Ates will stimulate that improvement with you.