The ATES GmbH company

For over 20 years, ATES GmbH has established itself as the company to approach where all the areas concerned with systematic company development are involved. Together with her team, Sevgi Ates does everything that results in successful company development, including Executive Coaching, HR Consulting and Change Management. With its international network of qualified consultants, ATES has been supporting more and more projects all over Europe and in the USA since 2014.

The Team

Your ATES team on the spot. As well as our BusinessClassic and BusinessPro services, with our worldwide network of qualified consultants we also meet the demands of international customers. We look forward to hear from you.
Sevgi Ates
Managing Director
Viola Ates
Young Leader Consultant
Gloria Ates
Junior Customer Operator
Dorota Stark
Marketing and Team Assistant
Yunlu Tang
Junior Office Manager
Yuliia Shynkaruk
Office Support
Jana Assauer
PR Consultant
Lisa Tanzer
Junior Digital Content Producer/Manager
Katrin Oster
Senior Consultant
Claudia Schnetzke
Senior Consultant
Markus Bauchrowitz
Senior Consultant
Jane Kotlyar
Business Partner New York
About the ATES Spirit® Business Classic Services


ATES is a service provider that systematically combines the expertise of all areas of successful organisational and company development. As well as Strategic Management Consultancy, Change Management and Executive Coaching, its portfolio also consists of measures such as the training and qualification of teams, employees and managers, Developing Corporate Identity or Sales Coaching. The broad range of services from ATES has been divided into the ATES Spirit® BusinessPro and BusinessClassic areas since the re-launch in 2015, where all the BusinessPro services are exclusively attended to by Sevgi Ates.

ATES Spirit® forms the basis for all the projects. This is a specially developed systematic consulting method for increasing performance energy. ATES considers companies, teams and organisations in terms of their structure and culture, right down to the individual. By fully opening up people’s resources, unused potential is revealed and positive energy is released – and all this flows into the organisation in the form of commitment, creativity and increased performance. As it is, people with access to expertise, performance energy and motivation are the key to the greatest business success.



Performance energy is the foundation for great success and achieved objectives. Our main priority is to open up this strength from within a system.


Neither a consultant nor a coach nor any method will ever replace people’s own areas of responsibility. But you can have new approaches and undiscovered potential discovered.


We are constantly aware of the interdependency between systems and individuals, people and context. This interdependency plays a decisive role in our work.


We do not rely on chance and luck, we shape everything that can be shaped. And that is a great deal more than luck and chance can ever throw at us.

Our History

Honored as “Excellence Consultant of the German middleclass” by “Die Deutsche Wirtschaft”, because ATES GmbH meets the high demands on consulting in the 21st century with its “as well as approach” – no hurdles, there are always ways
Viola and Gloria Ates expand the ATES team as Young Leader Consultant and Junior Sales Operator and support the development of digital products
DDW honoring as Innovator of the Year – 1st place in the category of Consulting for development of the systemic and scientifically based ATES Spirit Model and its practice-orientated results from business enterprises to German football clubs in the first national division
Re-launch of our corporate identity by re-branding ates communikation Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training mbH as ATES GmbH
Expanded international projects, including in Luxembourg and New York
On request from the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Sevgi Ates took up a lectureship which included the teaching of ATES Spirit® as a self-management method
Extension of activities in the football industry, including guest presentations as part of the DFB football trainer training on the subject of “Systemic training – for systemic success”.Supplementation of the ATES portfolio in the area of mental coaching for high-performance sport
Moving the office to the inner city of Cologne with a view of the Rhine
Re-organisation of our service portfolio and extension of our industry segment. As one of the top three companies in the consulting and further education sector, we introduced the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and the DVWO quality model. On 3rd December 2007, EUROCERT GmbH issued an unlimited recommendation for the certification of ates communikation GmbH in accordance with the DIN EN ISO Norm 9001:2000 and the DVWO quality model.
10th anniversary of ates communikationATES Spirit® was registered as a brand
Re-implementation of the personnel development consultancy area
Specialisation of the service portfolioDivision of the company into the areas of Sales and Services, and Human Resources (teams, management coaching and processes)
“Facelifting” with ates: Corporate Identity, Branding, Trade Mark(new logo: Boomerang. Our slogan: flow by success)
Founding of the ates communikation, Beratung, Training und Einarbeitung company (legal form: sole trader); Technology Park Cologne, Owner: Sevgi Ates in the area of sales, call centre development and customer services

Our company headquarters are located in the Rheinauhafen area of Cologne, a lively, trendy district that features a combination of traditional buildings and the most modern architecture. We have remained true to this style in the interior of our listed “ATES Tower”. Our customers love the modern fittings in the Bauhaus style, the agreeable atmosphere and the great view over the river Rhine. Why not drop by and see us?