ATES Spirit® –100% Power energy

The success factor

Work as a joy or drudgery? The level of energy and effectiveness – that is the “ATES spirit” of a company – is the factor that differentiates from dilettantes and adventurers to those companies that are successful in the long run. It is the factor that determines whether teams miss their targets, fail to produce outstanding results and exhaust themselves in the process or whether they perform brilliantly with focus and energy.

  • Strength from within

    How can companies begin to channel their energy into specific actions and dynamics and use this to reach their objectives? This can be done by discovering the strengths of the individuals, teams and organisations themselves. It can also be done when the employees organise themselves and align themselves strategically with a joint objective in mind. It follows, that acting consistently becomes a fundamental factor for success. This generates a powerful drive to tackle tasks with commitment, to achieve objectives with ease and improve results measurably and with certainty.

  • The method

    With ATES Spirit<sup>®</sup>, Sevgi Ates has developed a patented method for depicting and analysing performance energy flows in organisations. This analysis shows the interdependencies between people, systems and actions. It leads to the identification of the potential that would otherwise remain hidden. This potential is necessary for capitalising the inactive reserves where teams and organisations are concerned, this in order to make them generate values. The transformation can then begin. Instead of pressure from outside, strength comes from within.

  • The benefit

    Teams that raise their ATES Spirit attain an increase in performance of up to 200 per cent. There is little time for anything unproductive, but a lot of time for important things, minimum bureaucracy, few explanations and no end of ideas, initiatives and consistent action. Everyone is not simply working in the company – they are working on it and above all for it. And all that with a focus on the big picture!


The ATES Spirit® Quick Test is like a documented snapshot.It shows the current state of the ATES Spirit® in your department, team or company.Test the ATES Spirit® in your company in less than a minute – and begin to give your business a boost in performance. It all starts here.

To the Quick Test / 1 min.

ATES SPIRIT®-Business Pro with Sevgi Ates

Sevgi Ates runs systematic company development
For managing directors and managers in the following areas:


  • Leadingexcellence
  • Salesperforming
  • Teaminteraction

Business Expert

  • Business Decision
    Maker Coaching
  • Management Consulting –
    Strategy & Development
  • Change Management –
    Renewal & Excellence
1-Day Paket

Corporate Identity

  • Commitment Events
  • Mentalcoaching
  • Self-management
Quick Test

Kick Off

  • Motivation & Power
  • Quick Wins
  • Young Professionals

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ATES SPIRIT®-Business Classic with the ATES-Team

At ATES GmbH, we steer our clients towards lean change management, coach them on how to unlock true human potential and to improve technical efficiency and last but not least, guide them towards the highest quality customer service and how to withstand competition.

Human Resources

HR development
  • Analysis of potential, requirements and competences
  • System design to meet demands
  • Implementation planning for HR measures
  • Training consultancy:
    Analysis, guidance, system design, project planning and controlling
HR management
  • Assessment centres
  • Management systems
  • Succession planning
  • Motivation analyses
  • Culture analyses
HR organisation
  • Placement
  • Compensation systems
  • Incentive systems
  • Development of HR processes
  • Implementation of new units

Business qualification and training

Managers and teams
  • Individual coaching
  • Basic and advanced seminars
  • Performance development
  • Team building and development
  • Team performance coaching
  • Cooperation and interaction
  • Conflict guidance
Service and selling
  • Productivity in sales
  • Hard selling strategies
  • New customer acquisition
  • Cross-line selling campaigns
  • Sales-oriented in-house staff
  • Customer relationship
  • Complaints management
  • Telephone sales and acquisitions
Communication and self-management
  • Success and personality coaching
  • Conflict management
  • Public speaking
  • Management of time and objectives
  • Facilitation and presentation

Organisational consultancy

Change Management
  • Analysing the situation
  • Development of objectives
    and strategies
  • Process guidance and management
  • Reorganisation / Adjustment of structures to the new company strategy
  • Performance management
  • Mobilising employees and
    raising their awareness
  • Facilitation and workshops
Company and
  • Communication and cooperation management
  • Organisation management and of the networking of internal units
  • Innovation management
  • Analysing and managing potential
Corporate Identity
  • Company vision and principles
  • Company culture and service culture
  • Company communication (internal and external)
  • Identifying company objectives
  • Developing potential of individual organisation units

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