Sevgi Ates encourages and challenges her customers as a successful consultant and management coach. Purposefully, with refreshing rigor and clarity. Anyone who meets Sevgi Ates will notice that she is a woman who with ease instantly opens up to a discussion that is full of curiosity, empathy and disarming frankness. Sevgi Ates doesn’t waste time. She goes directly to the point, by asking the right questions and providing the relative answers, by contemplating tasks and giving their relative solutions, and gives examples of strategies and potential. For her there is no obstacles, only possible ways, flows and objectives to do things.

Ideas from business
and high-performance sport

Sevgi Ates takes a systematic approach, and nowadays she has become an expert in executive coaching, HR consultancy and change management. In national or international projects, with Sevgi Ates it is all about personal and professional supplementary development.

Consistent focus
on the result

Born in 1971 in Duisburg, Sevgi Ates is a daughter of a Turkish immigrant worker. She initially studied law and from personal experience she acknowledges the struggle of achieving your own goals.

Later, Sevgi Ates did casual work as a telephone agent for the Gerling Group. During that time, she developed a virtually infallible sense for how people should behave to be successful professionally. She was also successful herself. Her sales figures were so good that she was inspired to set up her own company, ATES GmbH, and all of this while she was still studying. Her company’s core expertise was telephone sales training. At that point she was only 25 years old. For her, it soon became clear what consistent effort is able to achieve. Sevgi Ates acquired one of the first customers for ATES GmbH – her former employer, the Gerling Group.

She is one of the few paid advisors for the football industry. Further, it goes without saying that she is the only woman there! On top of it all, she manages to win over her biggest critics through her specialist expertise.

Sevgi Ates radiates a sense of great satisfaction. She is the founder of the patented ATES Spirit® method, that is used to analyse which flows and performance energy a company can access. Sevgi Ates is not only a businesswoman, she is also a mother and part of a loving family. Moreover, Sevgi Ates is sought after as a speaker. Her personal motto is: speech is silver, action is gold and acting consistently guarantees success.



Sevgi Ates tells personal, eye-opening stories, both on stage and during one-to-one talks. Her secret is self- deprecation in combination with clear statements.


Sevgi Ates shines with her intuition and her analytical abilities. She recognises patterns remarkably quickly and reveals options that free up the route to the next stage.


20 years of demanding work with different personalities ranging from business, society and sport bear witness to her deep, tried-and-tested management know-how.


Be it with mergers, reorientations, changed target requirements or simply the next stage upwards, Sevgi Ates always knows a way to a new dimension of achievement.


As a lecturer at the Fresenius Hochschule, Germany’s largest private university, she is using her sound knowledge to prepare the next generation of movers and shakers.

Customer and Participant voices

»Thrilling, authentic and effective – that’s my attempt to sum up this great seminar experience in three words. I’d gladly do it again!«
– Ludger Vaßholz, Authorised Signatory, Münchener Versicherung AG –
»Valuable strategic consulting. A great compliment.«
– Oliver Leki, Executive Board, SC Freiburg e.V. –
»Mrs Ates has achieved great things, and brings drive and motivation to every team.«
– Norman Rentrop, Owner and Supervisory Board Chairman, Verlag für die Deutsche Wirtschaft AG –
»ATES GmbH has supported us for some years now as a consultancy with great implementation expertise. This has made us perceptibly more mature as a team and in our structures and processes.«
– Arnd Schöter, General Manager, text2net GmbH –
»Mrs Ates has supported us with her process guidance in our management team. This has enabled us to significantly improve our cooperation and team performance.«
– Dr Ralf Klinge, General Manager, Commerz Business Consulting GmbH –
»Sevgi Ates is a guarantor for outstanding success. This has been confirmed again and again in our many years of work together.«
– Ingo Hothum, Head of Customer Services Department, PSB Presse Service Bonn GmbH & Co. KG –
»Through the expertise of ATES in self-management and attitude change, we have had a successful event that gives our employees strength and joy – especially at times of increased pressure.«
– Rüdiger Burg, Director and Head of Sach/HUK-Schaden, DEVK –
»With her ATES Spirit® system, our sales force employees have been motivated successfully to absolute top performance levels.«
– Ralf Niermann, General Manager, Daten Info Service Eibl GmbH –
»The coaching for entrepreneurs has taken me a long way forward. More time, more money. Brilliant! Many thanks for everything!«
»With the help from Sevgi Ates, already in my first term of office as head trainer I have succeeded in winning seven home games in a row. That is a record to this day!«
– Frank Schaefer, Trainer and Leader NLZ, Fortuna Düsseldorf –
»A coaching session with Mrs Ates is like training for a boxing match. It quickly becomes clear that the work is focused towards an objective. So I’d sum it up as extremely valuable.«
– Dr Andreas Dartsch, Head of FRC Strategic Management, Nord/LB –
»If you have the privilege of having Sevgi Ates by your side as coach, you discover new options and find solutions where there were problems before. Sevgi Ates – uncompromisingly good.«
– Markus Neuhaus, Key Account Manager, Falck Unternehmensgruppe Germany –
»Success begins in your head – since I have known how and where I can purposefully deploy my abilities and expertise, my work is much easier to manage. That also helps me with my golf.«
– Martina Fischer, Cost and Resource Management –