As a success consultant and management coach, Sevgi Ates encourages her clients – and challenges them. Goal-oriented, with refreshing toughness and clarity. Anyone who meets Sevgi Ates experiences a woman who has the gift of creating a conversational situation in an instant, characterized by curiosity, empathy and disarming openness. Sevgi Ates does not waste any superfluous words. With her direct manner, she gets to the heart of the matter: the right questions and answers. Tasks and solutions. Strategies and potentials. No hurdles, always paths. Streams and goals.


Today, Sevgi Ates, who follows a systemic approach, is an expert in executive coaching, HR consulting and change management. Whether national or international projects, Sevgi Ates is all about personal and professional development.

With the system change from student to sales coach, she increases her daily fee tenfold and within the first year as an absolute youngster convinces long-established companies of her high-results approach to performance: The Cologne Newspaper Group, Sparkasse KölnBonn and also NetCologne are among her first clients. Since then, she and her team have been continuously expanding their sphere of influence – from the local hero to across the “big pond”.

She has remained true to her secret of success to this day and is THE trademark of the Ates team. On her “customer success mission” she lives her Duisburg down-to-earthness: always direct and to the point. Her credo is: Talk is silver, action is gold and consistent action guarantees success.


As a self-made entrepreneur, Sevgi Ates knows what it means to take responsibility, to be committed and to pursue one’s own goals in a focused, continuous and consistent manner.

As a young law student, she is currently working in the sales department of a renowned company in Cologne. Due to the high success figures, it quickly becomes clear to her: consistent action leads to maximum success. She wants her colleagues to maximize their own results with consistency instead of inefficient diligence and decides to share her knowledge and skills. To do this, she puts her know-how into an applicable system – the birth of the, now patented, ATES Spirit® method.

The plan works: After just a few months, one of her “coachees” was promoted to sales manager, and in the same year Sevgi Ates founded her own company – ATES GmbH – and took off.



On stage and in one-on-one conversations, Sevgi Ates tells personal, eye-opening stories. Her trump card: self-irony paired with clear statements


Sevgi Ates shines with her intuition and analytical skills. She recognizes patterns amazingly quickly and points out options that clear the way to the next level.



20 years of intensive work with personalities from business, society and sports stand for deep and field-tested management know-how.



Whether for mergers, realignments, changing target requirements or simply the next step up: Sevgi Ates always knows a way to a new dimension of achievement.



At Fresenius, Germany’s largest private university, she uses her in-depth knowledge to prepare the next generation of movers and shakers as part of her lecturing duties.