Company seminars only take place in small groups with Sevgi Ates. The reason behind this is that performance parameters are individual therefore to reflect this and to translate it meaningfully into specific areas of activity it requires direct cooperation and individual feedback.

In an entertaining, emotional and consequently, memorable technique, Sevgi Ates explains the tools necessary for a powerful ATES Spirit. She also forms the basis for a lastingly high performance energy for your team.

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Executive Coaching

To raise companies to a new level, the stimulus can only come from the decision-makers themselves. To make sure you reach your goal quickly and effectively, Sevgi Ates will be your personal sparring partner in the change process in both company coaching and management coaching.

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Meet Sevgi Ates

Every three months we hold an open evening consisting of a stimulating presentation followed by a discussion and question and answer session. These special evenings have different themes and give you the chance to personally get to know Sevgi Ates, what her approach to work is and her strategies. You can find all the dates and themes under .

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Presentation: “Why you should do less to achieve great things.” – A guide for movers and shakers.

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When Sevgi Ates steps on stage she generates energy, power and a desire to get more from life; she is authentic, forthright and has a certain amount of self-deprecation. In her intelligent and charming way she guides her audience towards insights that are rarely agreeable, but always extremely enlightening and motivating. Sevgi Ates can present deep and difficult subject matter in an easily digestible way, so that the audience always leave the hall smiling and with plenty to think about.


The ATES Spirit® Quick Test is like a documented snapshot. It shows the current state of the ATES Spirit® in your department, team or company. Test the ATES Spirit® in your company in less than a minute – and begin to give your business a boost in performance. It all starts here.

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